There is plenty of research showing that meditation can reduce chronic pain. One famous study conducted at Texas University found that as part of traditional medicine Benefits Of Meditation dan  Guided Meditation For Sleep, meditation strengthens the effectiveness of medical treatment western style. In another study published in the Journal of Behavioural Medicine, patients who suffer from back pain, chronic migraine and tension headaches (tension headaches), is able to reduce or stop altogether drugs to relieve the pain of their usual consumption. Although not directly, meditation ‘therapy’ will work equally well with orthodox medicine and other complementary therapies. If you have a mental health problem, you should consult your doctor or psychotherapist in advance, especially for those of you who are having problems in your sleep. You may have to apply Guided Meditation For Sleep.

One way is used as a treatment before bed usually through song. In this way usually, some people find their own tranquility and enables them to reach the bed so that they feel comfortable. Sometimes some of them use the earphone while sleeping just to get quality sleep comfortably and allow our minds achieve comfort so that in the morning would be the best area for you refresh the body.