Reservation activities occurred between the prospective buyer and hotel guests as a service provider in principle contains an agreement that must be obeyed by both parties. Prospective guests request the type and number of rooms, as at and for a specific time period along with specific requests. Meanwhile, the hotel agreed or deny the request. The hotel will accept the request if the rooms were booked available. Conversely, if the rooms are booked not available, the request will be rejected, prospective guests. Having previously given the alternative-alternative, a request may be submitted by prospective guests through various media and hotel software. Confirmation of the reservation by the hotel is mostly done in writing. The most important thing in the process of the reservation is a commitment that the rooms booked will be booked at the time of arrival.

For ease of handling, reservations can be divided into two types, guaranteed reservation, and the reservation is not guaranteed. Reservations warranty is a reservation that is accompanied by Haminan. The purpose of this guarantee is to obtain certainty of the hotel on a booking that has been done. Guarantees required by the hotel to minimize possible losses due to the actions hotel guests who had booked the room but it did not come without notice.