No matter you call driving directions or navigation system, it is a feature with a lot of benefits. Most of the people know that Google Map is widely considerable system, at least among free choices. As mentioned previously, when it comes to finding the location of nearby Walmart, you can benefit from Google Map, especially when you don’t know that Walmart has Walmart locator system. Like the use of Google Map over other ways? Here are tips and tricks, which will help you get the most of Google Map on both Android and iPhone.

Offline map creation

Important to know, Google lets you save map for offline view when you want to preserve your mobile data even without accessibility to the internet. The simply step is by zooming the map to the detail level you want. To save the map, you must make sure to write OK map. Aside from that, there is an alternative way to save an offline map.

Launch navigation mode faster than before

If you often use Google map or at least ever use it once, you know well that turn-by-turn directions are one of the most helpful features of Google Map.

Zoom in with one hand

Never do this? You can simply hold your finger on the screen after the second tap. Furthermore, swiping up and down can be done for smooth zoom in or out.

Well, if the Walmart locator could make your direction easier than Google map use, there is no doubt anymore to experience using it. Then, you can see what makes that system different from Google map.

The difficulty to find nearby Walmart will never become your main reason to not visit this store wherever you are. Get the app and find the nearby Walmart for your convenient shopping.