When you’re going to have a role in a play or drama, you’ll definitely need a costume that matches your character. At the time you’re performing on the stage in front of real audiences, you obviously cannot make any mistake, that’s why everything need prepare perfectly, especially the costume. If a costume does not make you comfortable enough on the stage, it will disturb your performance. Your expression, while you’re acting on stage, won’t be perfect if your costume is not comfortable. If you want to look for other high-quality costumes to buy, you can check the great gatsby costume. You can learn more and check a lot of great costumes on that website.

In order to help you to choose the right costume, here are the signs if a costume is not suitable for you:

1. It’s itchy and your skin is getting red

If your costume makes you itchy and there are some red marks around after you’ve worn the costume, those are the indication that your costume is not suitable for your skin. It’s materials might causing a negative reaction on your skin, and it’s a good idea to change the costume with another one that made of different materials.

2. Too hot and cannot move comfortably

These are the signs of a costume that are too tight for you. Although the tight costume is capable of showing off your body shape, it doesn’t mean that you have to choose the one that’s too tight. You can change with another one that’s almost as tight as the previous one, but it has to be a little bit looser than the previous costume.

3. Skin fungus and black marks

It’s a song that your costume is too air-tight and not giving your skin a room to breathe. It’s could cause you to get a fungal skin problem and also several black marks on your skin. Find the ones that a little bit looser as well.