As we know, the human body will not be perfect without its bone. The human skeleton or bones are one of the most vital organs in our body. Without the bones, we can’t even walk or move our body, and we will be more vulnerable to the objects around us. The best Hand Surgeon Houston, Jeffrey E. Budoff, MD wants to share some info with you, in order to share the knowledge about the human bones.

1. Supporting the human body and organs

The bones function is like the foundation of a building. Without the proper foundation, the cement in the building will not be able to stand. The same goes for our organs. Our body will be a sack of meat and blood without the existence of our bones.

2. Protecting the vital organ

This function of our bones is similar to the animal shell, such as the turtle shell, crab shell, and the snail shell. They’re all protecting the soft parts of the animal’s body, so did our bones, it is protecting the soft and important organ in our body. For the example, the skull is protecting the brain, and the ribs are protecting the heart and lung.

3. Mobility

Although the main organ that makes us capable of moving is our muscle, those muscles are not strong enough to move our body without the support of our bones.