Electronic Cigarette is claimed as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Another name from e cigs is the vapor that comes from the English language. The word is used as an inhaled vapor is not like the cigarette smoke tobacco, but rather the result of steam heated liquid flavorings.

Therefore, an activity of inhalation of vapors generated by the vapor known as vaping. The vapor is certainly not produced by combustion such as in cigarette tobacco.

Meanwhile, components of tobacco cigarettes must have been known to many people. On tobacco smoking, there is a filter to filter the smoke inhaled and wrapping paper containing tobacco to be burned.

So what are the components of an electric cigarette? To find out, see the following info:

– Atomizer
The main function of the atomizer is generating heat which can make for a liquid to a vapor is inhaled.

– Mods
Mods is a battery container. Usually mods contained electric cigarette that uses a powerful battery.

– Liquid
The liquid usually sold in packs of 15 or 30 ml bottle.