In order to maintain oral health, it is recommended to check your teeth at least once in 6 months and no later than 1 year. According to Gary E. Alhadef, DDS, in order to get the right treatment Gary E. Alhadef, DDS, you have to choose a dentist in accordance with the type of your dental abnormalities and then select the appropriate specialty.

– Pedodontist (Specialist in Dentistry Children)

A dentist specializing in pedodontis will make all of the preventions and treatments of all disorders and diseases of the teeth and mouth of a child in a comprehensive manner, both normal children, and children with special needs.

– Orthodontist (Expert in Dental Levelling)

For those who want leveling gear, come and check the state of your teeth at the dentist who expertise in handling the orthodontist type of dental abnormalities. Because, the dentist will provide conventional and radical treatment in mild to severe malocclusions.